Botox® Versus Fillers: Which One is Right For You?

When you look in the mirror, you may be discouraged by the sight of fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin on your face. If you long for a more youthful appearance, there are ways to fight the signs of aging. Under the direction of Philip H. Lee, DO, West Hills Urgent Care in West Hills, California, offers Botox® and dermal fillers to men and women interested in fighting the signs of aging. These injectable treatments are minimally invasive with little down time. Learn more about each option and decide which is right for you.

What is Botox?

Botox is made from a toxin, injected in safe doses, that temporarily minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles between your eyebrows, around your eyes, and on your forehead. Wrinkles in these areas are caused by muscle movements such as squinting, frowning, or smiling. Botox works by blocking nerve signals and freezing the muscles for up to four months. 


Botox has been used for more than two decades and is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around. But, it’s important to see a licensed and experienced aesthetic specialist who’ll use the right amount of Botox to achieve your desired results. For example, you want enough of the product to improve your appearance without overdoing it and making part of your face look frozen.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are substances injected into specific areas of your face or lips to plump up or smooth out spots that are wrinkled or saggy. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common compounds used for this cosmetic procedure. It’s made naturally in the body and helps add fullness to areas that have lost their oomph from aging. 

Which one is right for me?

Deciding which procedure is right for you really depends on which areas you want to treat. Since Botox and dermal fillers each have a different purpose, you can get both treatments. To help determine which is best for you, schedule a consultation with our experienced aestheticians. At the consultation, one of our specialists examines your face and neck, asks you about your desired outcome, and discusses your options. 


There’s no pressure to get anything done, but it’s a great way to learn more about how our team can help you look your best and fight the signs of aging. If you have an important event coming up, like a wedding, reunion, or conference, you may want to consider one of these procedures. Just remember to have it done within a month or two of your big event to look your best.

If you’re ready to try Botox or dermal fillers to fight the signs of aging, schedule an appointment with one of our aesthetic specialists at West Hills Urgent Care today!

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